Hello there and welcome! The name's Eileen and I'm a UI/UX designer who loves Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. This is my online portfolio.

Sinister Dexter

For this project, I had the chance to depart from my usual corporate aesthetic and really rock out. Sinister Dexter called for neon marquees, old leather, and parchement paper. Think of Stax playing in an old San Francisco speakeasy… where groovy tunes meet an “olde-timey” city style and there you have Sinister Dexter.

Screenshot of home page.Screenshot of the 'Meet the Band' page.Vector illustration of neon logo used for printed materials.

Capital Planning

The primary objective for this project was to create a professional, accessible, and informative intranet presence for Kaiser’s Capital Planning Department. With a UI like this, who wouldn’t want to read their process and procedure information all day long?

A screenshot of the home page.Various document templates, organized by function.An introduction about company branding.

Kaiser Permanente FitnessTracker

I partnered with Kaiser Permanente to propagate their "FitnessTracker" exercise program across five Bay Area medical centers. This is an online program that encourages employees of Kaiser Permanente to exercise every day by recording their miles, steps, or minutes of activity.

In addition to the new interface design, I built a more robust "Admin Panel" where each medical center now has the freedom to edit participant statistics. I have also programmed new features with PHP and MySQL for the program's participants. Most notably, is the option for employees to join or manage a team of participants.

Each program sets different milestones for their participants.Logged in as a Team Captian, editing a team's information.Administrative panel, editing participant information.

The Permanente Medical Group Awards

The challenge for this project was to organize nearly a decade's worth of information into an easy-to-navigate web site. Now, every TPMG award winner is neatly accompanied by a short biography plus links to posters, brochures, and information about fellow awardees.

A screenshot of the home page.Info page about a TPMG award.An awardee page with links to brochures and videos.

Kaiser Permanente, Quick Tips for Physicians

Sometimes, even smarty-pants physicians get tongue tied. So, Kaiser developed a series of online tutorials for physicians on how to handle situations with care and sensitivity. This is an interactive Flash web site I developed with video and audio. So, kindly turn your speakers on and up.

A screenshot of the home page animation.Video clips show physician and patient scenarios.Text and graphics are synchronized with an audio track.


In 2008, my husband and I moved to London, to experience living and working in another country. “Mihita” was my personal blog about some of our zany adventures abroad. This was my very first foray with WordPress theming and hoo-boy, I was hooked!

A screenshot of one tasty, tasty blog post.A closer look at the hand-hewn graphic design!